(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Abbot (Weston) Audrey M WRNS Bletchley Park, Wavendon House and Stanmore mid 1942 - 1945. Bombe operator.
Adair (Wright) Nan FO Civilian Bletchley Park April 1941 - January 1946. Hut 8 and Block D(8) April 1941 - May 1945. Checking Bombe stops. June 1945 - January 1946 Block G.
Adams (Wright) Elsie Janet WRNS, L/Wren Bletchley Park 1944 - 1945. Naval Section, NS I, Japanese.
Adams (Webb) Noreen E FO Civilian Bletchley Park. Block E, Communications Centre, Morse Slip Reader.
Anderson (Wright) Dorothy FO Civilian Bletchley Park. Probably messenger.
Anderson (Wilks) Mary WAAF Bletchley Park 1944 - 1945. Block E, Communications Centre. Auto Room. Wireless operator/Morse Slip Reader.
Arthur (Walker) Joan WAAF Bletchley Park 1943 - August 1945. Block E, Communications Centre. Wireless operator/Morse Slip Reader.
Ash (White) Nora Elsie WRNS Flowerdown 1943 - 1945. Teleprinter operator.
Assheton (Worsley) Bridget WRNS Bletchley Park 1944 - 1945. Naval Section NS II, Japanese.
Babbs (Weston) Joan L FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park 1943 - 1945. Block A(N). Naval Section, Records, later Submarines and Hydrography.
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