(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Allen (Vousden) Thelma WRNS Bletchley Park. Bombe operator.
Beamish (van Hattem) Margaret Elaine WRNS, L/Wren Flowerdown and Colombo 1942 - 1946. Y service Intercept Operator.
Beckett (Van Eek) Meryl Annie Madge WRNS Bletchley Park. Bombe operator. Mombasa, Ceylon and Singapore, Japanese ciphers.
Beeby (Verkerk) Oriel Jean WRNS Eastcote May 1944 - July 1945. Bombe operator.
Bex (van der Cruzen) Daphne FO Civilian Bletchley Park. Block C, Hollerith operator.
Burah (Vermeer) Nona Margaret WRNS Bletchley Park November 1944 - September 1945. Hut 7, Naval Section, NS II - Japanese decoding.
Clarence (Vestentoft) Joan Patricia FO Civilian, TJAO Cheadle 1940 - 1943. Bletchley Park 1943 - 1945. Block F. Air Section. Luftwaffe three-letter tactical codes.
Davies (Vellacott) Gladys WRNS Gayhurst Manor. Bombe operator.
de Grey (Vans) Barbara Air Ministry Civilian, Linguist Bletchley Park 1940 - 1945. Mansion, Hut 10 and Block A, Air Section.
Grice-Hutchinson (von Schlippenbach) Marjorie Eileen FO Civilian, TJAO Wavendon House and Berkeley Street. Commercial Section, Spanish.
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