(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Addison (Smeaton) Joan Violet WRNS Scarborough April 1943 - July 1945, Flowerdown July 1945 - February 1946. Intercept operator.
Ahrens (Sandford) Joan Stella WAAF Bletchley Park Spring 1943 - April 1946. Hut 14 and Block E, Communications Centre. Wireless operator/Morse Slip Reader.
Andrew (Smith) Norma J Australian Women's Army Service Melbourne. FRUMEL.
Andrews (Score) Dorothy May FO Civilian Bletchley Park 1943 - 1945. Block D(8) German Navy Enigma Processing Section. Hut 7, Naval Section, NS I, Japanese.
Angrave (Stonehouse) Winifred ATS, Royal Signals Forest Moor 1943 - 1944. Intercept operator.
Ashdown (Symonds) Molly F WRNS Bletchley Park November 1944 - 1946. Probably Hut 7. Naval Section, Japanese (NS IJ). Translating, filing and decoding.
Atcherley-Wright (Spink) Rachel WRNS Y Service, Intercept Operator
Atkins (Swire) Vera Florence ATS, Royal Signals, Sgt Beaumanor and Forest Moor February 1942 - August 1945. Teleprinter operator, later head of watch.
Bailey (Shackloth) C Melbourne. FRUMEL.
Bain (Smith) Isabella WAAF Chicksands. Intercept operator.
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