(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Ablitt (Lederer) Jeanne Effie FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park 1942 - 1945. Block D(6). Sorted intercepted German Army messages.
Allan (Lockwood) Kathleen WRNS Stanmore January - October 1943. Wavendon House October 1943 - March 1944. Stanmore March 1944 - July 1945. Bombe operator.
Anderson (Le Duc) Helen Victoria WAAF Cheadle. Intercept operator.
Appleyard (Lee, later Rush) Dorothy WRNS Bletchley Park to 1944. Eastcote 1944 - 1945. Probably Bombe operator.
Arundale (Leftwich) Wendy WRNS Stanmore November 1942 - June 1944. Bombe operator. Colombo July 1944 - January 1946. Codebreaking.
Atkin (Lord) Veronica WAAF Bletchley Park July 1944 - September 1946. Block E, Communications Centre Auto Room, Morse Slip Reader, D Watch. Communication with Colombo. Delhi, Melbourne et al.
Bainbridge (Littlewood) Elsie FO Civilian Bletchley Park November 1942 - December 1944. Mansion, Block E, Communications Centre. Morse Slip Reader and Rockex operator.
Bairnsfather (Littlejohn) Barbara ATS, Royal Signals Beaumanor May 1942 - May 1943. Intercept operator against German army, air force and police. Forest Moor July 1943 - May 1946. Officer i/c watch.
Baker (Lynn) Nancy Isobel WRCNS, L/Wren Bletchley Park 1945. Naval Section, NS V, Japanese WT interception co-ordination.
Ball (Langford) Sylvia Eileen FO Civilian Bletchley Park February 1944 - August 1945. Probably Typex operator in Communications Centre.
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