(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Berry (Ivey) Margaret Cynthia Bletchley Park. Hut 4.
Bolton (Inglis) Rachel WRNS Stanmore January 1944 - Auguts 1945. Bombe operator.
Chapple (Iremonger) Winifrede May WAAF, Cpl Chicksands and Wincombe 1942 - January 1945. Intercept operator.
Denman (Inwood) Norah FO Civilian Bletchley Park 1944 - 1945. Canteen, catering.
Dingle (Ingram) Valency Rosemary WRNS Bletchley Park June 1944 - 1945. Block D(6), typist.
Dunkin (Irvine) Doris Mary ATS, Royal Signals Beaumanor 1943 - 1945. Intercept operator.
Elkins (Ivon Jones) Irene May WRNS Adstock Manor 1941 - 1943. Bombe operator.
Fox (Ingham) Jean WRNS Eastcote January 1943 - June 1945. Bombe operator.
Gilbertson (Ivy) Mary J ATS, Int Corps Bletchley Park. Block G, Military Section, SIXTA.
Graham (Irwin) P Melbourne. FRUMEL.
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