(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Aked (Fogarty) Edna Rose FO Civilian Knockholt 1941 - 1945. Typist, producing tapes of intercepted signals.
Alexander (Fraser) Joan WAAF, LACW Bletchley Park. Teleprinter and Switchboard operator.
Anderson (Fearnley) Marie Jean WAAF, Cpl Bletchley Park 1945 - 1946. Communications Centre, telephonist.
Bainbridge (Fuller) Ann Alison WRNS Gayhurst Manor 1942 - May 1945. Bombe operator.
Ballard (Fitz-Gerald) Vera Elsie ATS, Royal Signals Beaumanor November 1942 - May 1945. Teleprinter operator.
Barnard (Freeman) Joyce Irene ATS Shenley June 1943 - May 1945. Intercept operator.
Baxter (Findlay) Margaret Frances WRNS Eastcote and Stanmore July 1944 - July 1945. Bombe operator.
Begg (Foot) Ann Estella Joan WRNS Eastcote November 1943 - January 1944. Gayhurst Manor January 1944 - June 1945. Bombe operator.
Benson (Fraser) Kathleen Elizabeth FO Civilian, Linguist Bletchley Park July 1944 - August 1945. Block D(3). Air Index.
Bigwood (Fresco-Corbu) Joy Audrey WAAF, Sgt Bletchley Park from October 1942. Block A (room 107). Air Section.
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