(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Abrahams (Braham) Sylvia FO Civilian Bletchley Park September 1942 - July 1944. Hollerith machines operator. Berkeley Street July 1944 - October 1945. Japanese decoding.
Adams (Berry) Sheila Mary WRNS Eastcote 1943 - 1945. Bombe operator, then instructor, finally helped dismantle Bombes.
Adams (Burroughs) Yvonne ATS
Agnew (Burns) Gladys Mary FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park 1943 - 1945. Block D(6).
Alcock (Bolingbroke-Kent) Elizabeth Cicely Diana FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park c. 1942 - 1944. Hut 18 and Block G. ISOS - decoded Abwehr manual ciphers. Berkeley Street 1944 - 1945, Diplomatic Section.
Alcock (Beaty) Margaret WAAF, Cpl Chicksands 1940 - 1945. Intercept operator.
Allen (Burnie) Grace Mary FO Civilian Bletchley Park to May 1945.
Alston (Bartlett) Mollie Isabel WRNS Gayhurst Manor and Stanmore 1941 - 1944. Bombe operator. Colombo to November 1945.
Andrews (Bolton) Dulcie Muriel WAAF Bletchley Park 1944 - 1945. Block F, Air Section. Typist. Japanese Section.
Andrews (Benbrook) Lillian Edith WRNS Bletchley Park May - September 1942. Bombe operator.
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