(married or later name)
Forenames or Initials Service, Rank or Grade Summary of Service
Adshead Betty FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park. Air Section, Luftwaffe tactical codes.
Agnesetti Dot FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park 1940 - c. 1945. Mansion, Hut 10 and Blocks A and F. Air Section. Italian translator
Agnew (Burns) Gladys Mary FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park 1943 - 1945. Block D(6).
Ahrens (Sandford) Joan Stella WAAF Bletchley Park Spring 1943 - April 1946. Hut 14 and Block E, Communications Centre. Wireless operator/Morse Slip Reader.
Aiken (Hodsdon) Joan Mary ATS, Royal Signals Beaumanor. Intercept operator.
Aikman J M GPO Civilian Sandridge from 1940.
Airey J C S FO Civilian, TA Bletchley Park. Block D(8).
Aitken James Macrae FO Civilian, TJAO Bletchley Park 1940 - 1945. Hut 6 and Block D(6). Cryptanalyst, exploited a weakness in German Enigma security - "Aitkenismus".
Aitken J B RN Colombo 1943 - 1945. Intercept Operator.
Aked (Fogarty) Edna Rose FO Civilian Knockholt 1941 - 1945. Typist, producing tapes of intercepted signals.
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